Wear a Helmet!

I had my first serious bike crash today.  I’m fine, just a little sore.  Rounding a corner, my front tired skidded out on some sand, sending me down.  After getting myself brushed off and taking a few minutes to let my body do a self assessment, I started to survey the damage.  A few rips in clothing here and there, a broken mount for a light and, yikes, a huge split in my helmet!  I knew my head hit the ground, but it must have hit harder than I had realized.  It got me wondering whether I would have been headed off to a hospital had I not been wearing a helmet, fortunately, I can ask this question and will never know the answer.  So, for those who go out on a bike without a helmet, think again.  Mine certainly helped to keep my injuries to a minimum today and ready to ride another day, okay, so perhaps it won’t be tomorrow 😉

I plan on holding onto the helmet, just in case I ever get questions about why helmets are important.


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  1. Better the helmet than your head! I am so glad you weren’t badly hurt, although I am guessing you will be a little sore come morning.

  2. I spent the day being very thankful that I wasn’t spending the day in the hospital with an injured husband. That’s something I don’t usually think to be grateful for.

  3. Mark, I’m thankful for that helmet, too. I’ve never owned a bike helmet, and don’t really have a bike that functions well, now, but you’ve convinced me. If I get back into biking (and I’ve been considering it as I’ve been doing an aerobic class at the Y that includes stationary bike riding) you’ve convinced me that a helmet will be part of the purchase!

  4. I’m starting to feel better. While I still have a ways to go, I can at least notice some difference. Hopefully, I’ll be in reasonable shape for our next swim lesson on Saturday. Unfortunately, the same can”t be said for my bike frame. It suffered some pretty bad dents and, being aluminum, it doesn’t degrade gracefully. So, I’m in the market for a new frame. Anyone interested in a used Cannondale slice fork 🙂

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