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I ended up totallying my Cannondale frame in the crash just under two weeks ago. On the suggestion of a friend, I stopped in to a local bike shop called The Hub to see what they recommended. It’s a different type of store, much more geared towards your “working class” type of bikes. They quickly recomended a Surly frame and after some research, I decided this was a good path to follow. It’s a no frills bike frame, built by a subsidiary of a company that is behind many of the components you find on bikes these days. I think they actually outsource the production of their frames, but they are designed in Bloomington, MN. I might just have to convince everyone to go on a visit next time we are out in MN. Okay, perhaps I’ll have to by myself… The fortunate thing about all of this is that I could reuse all of my other components, so I only ended up needing to purchase a new frame.

Today was my first chance to commute on the rebuilt bike and it seems like a good choice. Being a steel frame, the ride is definitely less harsh than the aluminum Cannondale I had been riding; this particular Cannondale was a pretty plush frame actually. We bumped up the frame size a couple of notches and it’s made a world of difference, much closer to a “correct” fit. I’m definitely starting to believe in steel frames and just plain enjoy riding them more than the stiffer, newer products on the market these days.

I’ll get some photos of the new bike posted to the website when I get a chance. Actually, I should post pictures of the bikes while I’m at it.

Happy peddling and don’t forget to wear your helmet!

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  1. I should have added… I cracked 1000 miles today as well, not a bad start to the year 😉

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