2000 Miles

I passed the 2000 mile mark today.  You couldn't have asked for better cycling weather today, low 80s and the weatherguessers said 0% chance of rain.  I've observed a few random things in recent commutes, that I thought I'd share with you.

A few days ago, I passed a farmers field.  As I approached, I saw a man in the middle of the field, whom I initially assumed to be the farmer.  After getting closer, I realized that the person was in the middle of this field with a metal detector.  This was either one really optimistic treasure hunter or a farmer looking for a lost piece of equipment.  I could understand some random person combing a beach looking for loose change, jewelry, etc., but a farmers field?

Somewhere along the biketrail, there is a family that owns, what I would certainly deem,  a very large house cat.  I finally stopped to ask the person what type of cat it was and they said it is a Savannah.  You can see some pictures of this cat at The International Savannah Cat Club website.  I'm not actually sure that this website does this cat justice, the one along the bike trail literally wears a dog coller, is walked on a leash, and would be much closer to what I would call a tiger.  I just hope I don't meet it some evening after dark!

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