An Interesting Commute

Well, today will certainly be remembered as one of the more interesting commutes.  It was my 18th commute this month and this month happened to be the first time I broke through the 700miles/month barrier.  Perhaps it was in celebration of these accomplishments that caused it to be one of the most hectic days at work I've ever had.  I didn't get left until 8:30pm, which, for those of us on the far edge of the East coast, means dusk is quickly approaching.  Having not expected to be leaving so late, I didn't bring a bike light.  After hunting around the department for a while, I found a flashlight and managed to rubber-band it to my handlebars.  Fortunately, I had just left a couple of blinkers on the back, so I at least had taillights.  All told, the ride was pretty good.  The temperature was great, the sky was clear, but the bugs were horrible.  Next time I ride at this time of night, I want to be wearing ski goggles!

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