700 Miles and Still Counting

I did a quick mileage comparison between my car and bicycles over the weekend.  I've put about 700 more miles on my bicycles this year than I have driven the car.  If I can make it to August 9th on a quarter tank of gas, then it will be three months between fillups.  I'm really curious to see what the end of year totals are like.  We have three trips planned that will involve the car later this year, but I should have about 1000 mile lead at this point. 

As I ride more, I continue to realize that it really is quite practical to run errands, etc. with the bike.  It may be my imagination, but I swear I'm seeing more bicycles on the roads these days.  This doesn't include just the types that are out training to race, but your average day Joe.  I wonder if high gas prices are actually beginning to have an effect.


  1. I am seeing a lot of bikers here and while I am not sure if there are more than last year, it certainly would make sense. It might just be time for me to learn to ride.

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