Drive Time

I drove into work today and now remember why I'm happier riding my bike.  Door to door time in the car this morning was 54 minutes.  I can make it on the bike in about an hour, 50 minutes if I REALLY ride hard!  The ride home will be faster in the car, but it sure is frustrating to sit in traffic, watching the clock and realize it's going to be close as to whether I can beat my cycling time with the car.

I've been nursing an aging chain ring on my bike for a while, hoping it would hold out until the snow starts flying and I switch bikes.  I could have taken my time then and replaced it over the winter.  On my ride home last night, I decided I couldn't wait any longer to replace it; it was impossible to push hard anymore, the chain would just start popping.  I've been trying to figure out how many miles I've put on this chain ring, best guess I can come up with is somewhere in the neighborhood for 20K.

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