I joined 1799 of my closest friends for the NBW's TFCE (The Flattest Century in the East) on Sunday.  The weather was perfect, low to mid 60s, all day and just enough sun to keep you from getting chilly.  Once again, the volunteers did a superb job with everything from registration to working at the rest stops.  Don and I finished the ride wth 6 hours and 8 minutes on the bike, rolling in at just over 7 hours total time.  Around the 50 mile mark, we were being passed by a paceline and ended having to ride through a pothole.  Thanks to the 10 pounds of nutritional drink Don was carrying in a water bottle, he actually managed to snap part of a water bottle cage as a result!  The rest of the ride was just nice, until about the 80 mile mark where we turned into a stiff headwind.  We decided to stop for some ice cream at the 90 mile mark and returned to the car feeling good.  We joking discussed making it a 200k, at least I think we were joking, as we road towards the checkpoint.  Another day.  I've posted some pictures.  This is my first attempt at riding with a camera, so you'll have to forgive some of the odd angles.

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