Weird Weather

I spent the end of last week riding through just about the worst weather I can imagine; heavy rain with temperatures in the low 40s.  It sure got me wishing for slightly colder weather, so I could ride through snow instead of rain.  This week, I've ridden home from work three nights now, with just shorts.  The temperatures have been getting in the mid 60's during the day.  Absolutely crazy!

In other news, I just placed an order for a product called Slipstreamz.  It's a product that you attach to your helmet straps that shields your ears from the prevailing wind.  They debuted at this years Interbike and I'm intrigued by the idea.  It's a company based out of South Africa and the product must be doing pretty well, as the only online retailer they are selling through is back ordered.  As I head into winter, I had forgotten how much the wind picks up and made me realize how nice it will be if these little wind deflectors actually work.  Once I actually get my hands on them, I'll update the post and let people know if they do indeed work.

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