Breezeway Cabinets

Karen and I decided to splurge for Christmas and add some breezeway cabinets.  I've posted some pictures of the end result.  It was my first project that used crown molding and I think the results were pretty good.  As with most projects, nothing was square, so it took a bit of work to get everything to line up nicely.  Because of sheer lack of time, we went with pre-fab cabinets, but made a few design changes that you won't find offered as a standard configuration.  The depth of the cabinets aren't standard, as a stock cabinet would have come out too far and covered up the light switch.  Also, we took a standard cabinet and turned in into a bench.  I built up a base, so it would match the height of the side cabinets, reinforced the top so it would be sure to support the weight of whomever might want to sit on it, and added a top.

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