Crusing Past 5000 miles

I passed the 5000 mile mark this morning on my way to work.  It was also the first snow of the winter, what a great way to celebrate this milestone.  Although I didn't really need to, I road the mountain bike with studded tires.  For the majority of the ride, the knobbies, and thus the studs as well, went through to bare pavement.  There were a few sections where they didn't though and it reminded me of why I enjoy riding in the snow; no tire noise, few people on the bike trail, and plenty of wildlife activity still.  It was one of those really wet snows, temperatures hovering around the freezing point, and the sun has since come out, so I'm sure the ride home will be on mostly dry pavement.  It amazes me that just last week, I was riding home in shorts, short sleeve jersey, and a wind vest.

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