Cyclocross Nationals

The 2006 cyclocross nationals are in our backyard this year, held just South of Providence, RI.  Nathan and I decided to swing by for an in person view of the event.  Having never been to bike race of any sort, I wasn't quite sure what we were going to encounter, but I figured it was too good a chance to pass up.  We ended up having a good time and I would recommend it for a first time bike racing event.  Unlike some sort of road race, you can be completely surrounded at cyclocross.  The course is quite compact and it's easy to find a vantage point that isn't too busy and provides interesting viewing.  We caught part of the afternoon open track/warm-up time and then the first part of the under 23 race.  We posted some pictures, nothing award wining in the bunch, but gives you some idea of the course and riders.

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