Everyday Cycling

I came across another blog that really seems to fit with my style of cycling called Everyday Cycling.  They seem to focus on using bikes as vehicles and including the entire family.  I'll definitely try and spend some more time looking it over when I get a chance.


  1. Mark,
    I did take a look at this web site because I thought it might have advice about purchasing bicycles. (I didn’t find any.) I discovered that they have a bike trail mapquest function. Is this repetitive of what you and your colleagues are working on?

  2. No, the routes they have on that site are typical of what you currently find on the internet. They are all overlayed onto a map by hand, either by highlighting the route or using a software package to meticulously place many waypoints so the software routes along the roads you want. Our system is much more automated, interactive, and collaborative. We are getting really close to having a public beta ready, I’ll be certain to post more about it when we go live!

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