Frozen Waterbottle

My waterbottle froze on the way into work this morning, for the first time this year.  I left the house and it was just under 4 degrees F, with gusts to 30mph!  It actually wasn't too hard to stay warm, just lots of layers.  There were a handful of people who commuted to work by bike today, we are definitely starting to get a core group that is committed.

There are two wooden bridges on the bike trail, that traverse fairly wide inlets.  They seemed to be particularly unhappy with the temperatures this morning and were popping and cracking as I road over them.  It made me wonder, what in the world would I do if I actually ended up in the water on a day like this?  I wonder if I could even manage to get myself out of the water?  Fortunately, I'm sure the bridges were just fine and could hold far more than my weight, but it sure did make me feel somewhat isolated; there were not a lot of other people on bike path this morning.

There is a section on the North end of the bike trail, where there is very little to block the wind.  As I rode to work, the tide was going out and the wind was howling in.  There was steam rising from the water and it was really interesting to watch the struggle between the inertia imparted on the steam from the flowing water and the wind quickly.  I sure wish I had a camera, but was equally glad to avoid having a reason to stop in the cold.

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