It Boggles the Mind

It truly boggles my mind what some people will do when "driving".  I'm fairly used to seeing people on cell phones, it seems to be about one out every ten people or so.  The ones that really amaze me are those that read books or newspapers, primp in front of the completely misaligned rear-view mirror, etc.  I witnessed a new one today that was just jaw dropping.  A person was driving their car, with three dogs on their lap!  Two of them were fairly small, but the third was about the size of a small Labrador.  I could rarely see the driver for all the fir in the side and front windows.  Truly amazing.  Fortunately, I was sitting stopped at crossing and I could just watch the circus drive by.


  1. Does Rhode Island have an ordinance against driving with obstructed vision? If so, this would certainly violate it. I hate to think of your family on the same streets as this individual!

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