Keep Eddy Moving

There is a major highway projecting happening near Providence and as a result, it's causing quite a mess with traffic.  RIPTA, Rhode Island Public Transportation Authority, is making a big push to get people who work in the most affected area to leave their cars at home and seek alternate transportation.  As part of their effort, they started the Keep Eddy Moving project, Eddy street being the one of the major roads that now looks like it has been repeatedly bombed.  I was really happy to see that they included incentives for people to commute by bike to or through the area.  Anyone willing to sign a pact that they will bike commute just 52 days this year, is eligible to receive a free t-shirt, messenger bag, headlight, and tail light.   They are ripping up the bike trail along my commute, perhaps I can convince DOT to match the deal 😉

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