New Career Possibility

I had my first modeling gig yesterday… okay, so RIPTA (RI Public Transportation Authority) wanted some material for upcoming alternative transportation brochures and contacted Bike-To-Brown.  I guess in previous years, they used "professional" models and had been given some grief about the fact that they looked too good.  They had us sign waiver forms, saying the usual, we had no rights to the photo, etc.  The part I got a kick out of was where we signed, it asked for the model's signature.  Take a look at this picture, does that not just scream professional to you?  Now that we have gone public, I'm sure that other modeling agencies will be flooding our inboxes with other opportunities.  I mean, who wouldn't want to hire this group for other photos 😉


  1. Hey, you look great! Is this a point of prestige to me that I now know a published model? Only, I’m not for positive which one is you? I think third from left in red?

  2. Yes, I’m the third from the left. Here are a couple more pictures they forwarded to us RIPTA2 and RIPTA3.

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