May 31

Bird Photo Shoots

These are the outcome from a couple different evening photo shoots. I’m still hunting for the perfect, amazingly sharp osprey pictures… but think I’ll need to invest in a tripod to really get one. These are all hand held and it’s just too hard to focus at these focal lengths.  For now, I just need to settle with these and hope I get lucky some day.  I’m also waiting for the baby to take flight.  This is the most active I’ve seen it yet.


  1. Alan

    Nice pictures!

  2. sgross

    Nice! My favorite might be the close-up on the wooden post with the narrow depth of field, the one right next to the shot of a nail in the post. As for tripods, look at thrift stores or even camera shops selling used equipment. 10 or 12 yrs ago, I got a lightweight, sturdy aluminum tripod used for $10, and it has served me well!

  3. Mark

    Thanks for the suggestions re: the tripod. I happen to know someone who works in a thrift shop, I’ll have to ask her to keep her eyes out for something 😉 I’ll also have to do some hunting to see what I can find in the way of used camera shops… I’m not sure that RI has quite the reach the Twin Cities will though.

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