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Minotaur I Night Launch

I just happened to find a news article talking about tonight’s Minotaur I launch. We had barely enough time to snag a tripod, grab an appropriate lens, get most of the family bundled up, and head out the door… but we saw it.  Here is the first picture as it came into view heading over …

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For Those Who Struggle with Changing a Bicycle Tire…


Here is a little motivation for anyone who says “I don’t know how to change a bicycle tire”.  Imagine having no hands and only one stump.  Now imagine changing a bicycle tire.  Amazing what people can do when they need to!

It’s Hard to Beat L. L. Bean

L. L. Bean products may not be the cheapest, but they sure do stand by them.  We’ve now owned three of their tents. The first of our L. L. Bean tents started loosing the waterproof seam tape on the fly after six years of reasonable use.  We stopped in at their Freeport store to inquire …

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Baby Lamb Snacking

We stopped by Coggeshall Farm last week to check out some of their new baby animals.  So far this year, they’ve had three baby lambs and a baby cow.  The lambs will stick around for a while, but if you want a chance to check out Nemo (the baby cow) don’t delay.  He’s going back …

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Newest Member of the Cycling “Family”

For many years now, we’ve been coaxing a second hand, child trailer into service as a cargo trailer.  It served us well, but was a beast to haul around and was pretty much constructed with fabric, which became increasingly patched.  Ultimately, we were going to have to put some significant money into keeping this trailer …

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Field Day 2012

It’s been a number of years since I’ve really participated in an Amateur (Ham) Radio Field Day event.  Thanks to my family, I had an opportunity to join Team HamCow this year for setup.  Most of the guys there have been involved with many setups for events, so I was drafted into service taking pictures… …

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New Lid

Picked up a new lid today. A nice high viz helmet, with reflective strips, two built in lights and a mount for a third light. Every little thin I can do to make sure cars can see me will only help!

4th Annual – Get Off Your Can 5K

Did a photo shoot for the 4th Annual – Get Off Your Can 5K today.  The event is one of the signature fundraisers for the East Bay Food Pantry.

Bird Photo Shoots

These are the outcome from a couple different evening photo shoots. I’m still hunting for the perfect, amazingly sharp osprey pictures… but think I’ll need to invest in a tripod to really get one. These are all hand held and it’s just too hard to focus at these focal lengths.  For now, I just need …

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Sigma 70-200mm f/2.8 EX DG HSM

I ordered a Sigma 70-200mm f2/8 EX DG HSM lens for my camera, which arrived yesterday.  It was a really windy day today and I had a chance to grab some pictures of the seagulls enjoying an afternoon meal.  This is my first real test of the lens, but so far, I have to say …

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