End of Year Commuting Stats

Last Friday was my last bike commute for the year, so I thought I’d share some of my stats. I commuted 98 days this year by bicycle, totalling at least 2,940 miles; my actual mileage was higher as I tend to wander around and take longer routes to/from work during the summer. Using the average of Brown’s mileage allowance of $.44/miles, this brings me in at $1,293 it would have cost to commute by car. I spent just shy of $300 in parts, clothing, etc. that were bike related this year, so I figure I’m ahead by about $1,000. Next year, I have to break 100 days!

I got to thinking more about this over dinner and need to update the numbers slightly. My cycling commute is 30 miles round trip, but driving it would actually take me 36 miles. So this really means it would have cost me $1,552 to drive all those miles, bringing my net savings up to $1,252. I’m sure this will more than cover the increased energy costs they are forcasting for next year.

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