Mountain Biking in the Skyways?

You’re probably wondering how it is that the person who never learned how to ride a bicycle is posting in the Cycling section. But I thought this article might be amusing to people who enjoy biking. The link should work for a couple of weeks.

Cyclists get ready for St. Paul’s Tour de Skyway


  1. Chalk one up for creativity! I’ll be interested in hearing if the race is successfully executed without injuries to participants, bystanders, or property!

  2. Jessica,

    This sounds like a fun event. I have to admit, I wish I had been active in cycling when I was in the Twin Cities, from what I’ve read they are much friendlier bike towns than where we currently are. The only odd thing I remember about downtown Minneapolis is that they have bikelanes in the middle of the roads. I always found this odd and still wonder why they would put the bikes in the middle of the road, between two columns of car traffic.

    The cyclocross natiionals were recently held here in RI and I’m regretting now that I didn’t drag the family out to watch them. The wife of a friend of mine is about as interested in cycling as Karen is. He talked his family into going to see some of the event and they ended up having a great time. It was much more of a social event, there to support atheletics in general, then jjust bike racing. I guess Providence signed up to hold them for two years, so we should have an opportunity towards the end of 2006 and I don’t intend to miss my chance this time around.

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