Finally Nice

I consider the weather today to be just about perfect for cycling, it was in the low sixties and absolutely calm.  By the time I got to work, I had to work really hard to convince myself to actually enter the building and stay.  Fortunately, the decision was really easy to make as I ran into my boss on the way in and I'm sure he would have grumbled a little bit had I just turned around and gone for another ride!

I've been seeing many more bike messengers lately.  I'm not sure if there are just more of them about, I'm getting better at spotting them, or I just "think" I'm seeing more.  I actually had an interesting conversation with one on the way in this morning and was surprised by how little distance they typically cover in an average work day, about 30 miles.  Of course, this guy then went on to say that he normally goes out for an evening ride after dinner, no wonder they are all so skinny!  I learned that a bunch of the messengers are banning together to form a bike taxi service as well.  Soon you will be able to get rides around downtown Providence behind a bike.  I wonder how the fares will compare?


  1. What does a bike messenger do? That is a new term for me.

  2. Someone who uses a bike to deliver small packages and letters. Typically, bigger cities employ them, because bikes can often navigate around traffic faster than cars.

    On another note, I passed 1500 miles for the year today.

  3. Congrats on the 1500 miles! I am glad you are having nice weather. We are supposed to have a very hot weekend here–it could get above 90, which is very hot for Minnesota in the summer, let alone May.

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