Studded Tires are Awesome

The recent storms that passed through the Northeast, started with snow, but switched to rain for the majority of the day.  While the studded tires were nice during the ride yesterday, going through the slush and occasionally frozen snow, it wasn't until today that I discovered how awesome these tires really are.  After I finished my commute last night, the temperatures continued to fall and everything froze.  This left a nice layer of ice pretty much everywhere that wasn't plowed, leaving about a 1/2" of ice on the bike trail.  I looked at the path and decided, what the heck, these things are supposed to work on ice.  Since the other alternative was sticking on the potentially questionable roads with cars, I choose the safer of the two options and road on the sheer ice.  I started off cautiously, testing my steering and braking abilities.  All I can say are these tires are awesome.  There are a couple small hills during my commute and I had no issues with any slipping.  I kept looking down at the ice I was riding over and realized I wouldn't even want to try and walk along here, but the bike was rock solid.  It was amazing peaceful, I had the bike trail literally to myself, even the animals were all hunkered down just trying to stay warm.

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