I saw my fist Townie on the road during my ride home yesterday.  We were passing in opposite directions, so I didn't get a good look, but it was definitely one.  These bikes have been raved about online.  I know Charlotte actually ended up purchasing one a few weeks ago.  Hopefully, she will post some initial thoughts about the bike after she gets few miles under her tires.


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  1. I’ve been composing a post in my mind, and plan to post an article soon which was going to include both the announcement that I had purchased one, and my reactions. I won’t need to do the former, now (!) but suffice it to say here that I’m really enjoying it and am happy with my purchase–except for the fact that the odomotor that I purchased and used successfully for a week suddenly went zany–giving erratic speeds, which included frequent 0’s which would then change to random numbers and back to 0. It is now almost always at 0, but occasionally will register a speed. It, of course, is also not recording distances accurately, which I miss, because it was fun figuring out how far things were from my house and also my total. It’s showing 40.5 miles, but I know I’ve gone at lease 16-18 more miles. I’m going to bike down to the shop tomorrow after my Y class and see if the bike shop guy can figure out the cause, and either tell me what to do, or replace it since I bought it there.

  2. You might want to check the spacing between the magnet on the wheel and the sensor mounted on the fork. If they are too far apart, you can get weird behavior like you are experiencing. The other time I’ve seen this behavior is when the battery is going, but you haven’t had it long enough that this should be the case.

    Sorry for bursting your bubble and announcing the bike purchase for you. I didn’t know you were planning to post anything. You could still take some pictures and post those, that is certainly something I can’t do!

  3. You may be right on the spacing as I did place the magnet fairly far out on the wheel and the spokes spread more nearer the center. The sensor is on with adhesive, but I’ll see if I can work it loose in the morning when there is better light in the garage.

    Actually, because of the problem both Jessica and I are having with posting to the site, I can’t post pictures of my bike either, but perhaps I could take some pictures and e-mail then to you to post. Actually, on Friday, Cheryl and I are taking Emily and Alex to the Children’s Museum in Lincoln in the morning. Since I’ll be in the car to and back from Lincoln, then after I get home, I’m driving to Ainsworth, I told Cheryl I’d bike to her house and we would leave from there. Maybe I can get her to take some pictures that would include me on the bike. You could post them in the Nebraska folder.

  4. The spacing I’m talking about is between the sensor and the magnet. For most cycle computers, it doesn’t matter where on the spoke the magnet is mounted. The important part is how much distance there is between the magnet and the sensor. Mine are really close. I can’t remember what spacing they recommend, but I believe it’s on the order of millimeters, certainly not a centimeter.

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