Just Trying to Help

I’m riding into work this morning and at one point, I came to a halt at a stop sign. As I watched an approaching utility truck, towing one of those big air compressors on wheels, I noticed it dragging what must have been a fifty foot air hose behind it. I start frantically pointing at the trailer. The driver clearly sees me and screams out the window, “what’s your problem man?”. His phrasing actually contained a few more expletives, but that was the gist of what he was saying.

I watch him continue through a yellow light, only to have a car turn left behind him. Naturally, the car couldn’t see the air hose, so it ran the hose over in the course of making the turn. The combination caused one end of the air hose to rip out of the air compressor, while the other end, with the brass connector on it, swung up and hit the car.  He certainly noticed the hose now!

I feel bad for the unsuspecting motorist making the turn, not so bad for the utility truck driver.  I suppose he just thought I was a nut, but would it really have cost him much time to slow down and find out what I was madly pointing about? What if I had been pointing at something that was a matter of life and death?

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