Bristol Bike Plan

I’ve been terribly remiss about writing any cycling related entries on this blog, most of my energy has gone towards Bike Providence and Bike-to-Brown.

As of today, I finally have some bike related news that doesn’t quite mesh with either of these efforts, so I figured I would post it here.  I had a great meeting with Walter Burke, Bristol’s Director of Parks and Recreation, and Susan Klein, Bristol’s Assistant Director of Parks and Recreation.  Independently, they had been thinking about cycling around Bristol and were given my name by the Town Planner.  Perhaps I’ve just bugged her about enough bike related issues that she felt it was time to deflect me to somewhere else, just kidding … I think…

In the meeting today, we decided to work together to create a comprehensive plan for biking in Bristol.  We are going to take an inital pass of this plan with just the three of us and then open it up for public feedback.  Once we go through a round of public feedback, we will work to prioritize the list so that we have a ready to go list of projects as money becomes available.

What a great day.  Someone from the town government is paying attention to the needs of cyclists!


  1. Maybe you can pair up Bristol’s designation as a distinctive destination with an innovative “shovel ready” cycling plan that would provide safe environmentally friendly community access to those destinations. Then you could apply for some of those funds that are to improve infrastructure, put people back to work and save the economy, and you could be a model for communities all over the country! Congratulations on being chosen for input. I wish you well.

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