A New Year

I don’t honestly know how many miles I put on my bike last year, but I do know it was far fewer than in previous years.  This year, however, I’m bound and determine to reverse the trend and get moving again.  I’ve been doing a reasonable job thus far, riding for a good forty minutes three times a week.  I also plan to do a better job posting updates here.


I’ve finally figured out how to meld my phone and the photo gallery on this site, so I can easily upload photos on the fly 😉  This means, you all will be able to see far more of the photos I capture while out and about.  In fact, here’s one I caught the other day. Go ahead, tell me the people in this fine country aren’t addicted to television!  I’m sure, this is an apartment building, at least I hope it is, but still, I count nine satellite dishes.   A bit over the top?


  1. I’m enjoying the pictures in your posts. I’ve also noticed some additions in the folders in the media section, and am remembering you said that you were hoping to simplify loading pictures. I have three sets, I’d like to download for 2009, so if there are new directions let me know. I haven’t tried for awhile, because I was not successful!

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