Minotaur I Night Launch

I just happened to find a news article talking about tonight’s Minotaur I launch. We had barely enough time to snag a tripod, grab an appropriate lens, get most of the family bundled up, and head out the door… but we saw it.  Here is the first picture as it came into view heading over the trees


Next up is a picture as the rocket glided after stage 2 burnout and lit up stage 3


We originally thought this might be stage 1 to stage 2, but it was the only staging of the rocket we saw, so it must have been from stage 2 to stage 3.  This following exposure was a 5 seconds, giving you some sense of how far it traveled during that time:


and here is a shot of the final burnout:


EDIT: As I read over the mission log, this may have been the end of stage 3.  It appears there was a stage 4 as well, but perhaps it was too dim for us to see?  We stood out for a short while after this and saw nothing more, which is why I thought it was final burnout.

Here is a crop of the burnout:


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