First 2006 Commute

Adorned with two new bike flashers that I received for Christmas, I set of in the 32 degree air for my first bike commute in 2006. I’m sure I will truly look like a Christmas tree at night now, as I have three different flashing lights, all with different flash intervals. If people don’t see me now, they really shouldn’t be driving as they must be blind!

The roads leading up to and from the bike trail were pretty much deserted, most of RI must be taking this as another day to recover from the New Year’s festivities. I pedaled along dreaming of approaching my building, only to discover it was locked and I was mistaken that I had to work today. Alas, this did not happen, although the department is remarkably quiet. Since most of the state must be on vacation, the ride was extremely peaceful; I saw a few other people, many ducks, and a few swans.

I road in with my mountain bike this morning, as they are threating snow for the afternoon. It has 32c slick tires on it, but it’s amazing how much difference there is between a 32c tire and a 23c tire while traversing ice or snowy patches. I felt nearly indestructible with this bike… well, okay, nothing a squirl couldn’t take care of in short order. The only downside is the bike weighs a TON.

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