Long Commute

I ended up having a longer than expected commute this morning. It snowed/slushed on and off yesterday, but all of the roads and sidewalks in our area had no accumulation on them, so I decided to ride the East Bay Bike Path into work. Things were going along fine, until I made it two towns to the North and ran into what could best be described as a skating rink. Unfortunately, by this time it was too late to bail onto nicer back roads, so I had to tough it out. Fortunately, I rode “tank”; aka my friendly converted mountain bike I’ve honored with this nickname because of it’s weight.

Other than slip slidding around some, the highlight of the ride was passing someone, wearing golf shoes, speed-walking. Take a moment and visualize this…. this sight was nearly as dangerous to my ability to ride in a straight line as the ice.

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