Where’s My Tax Writeoff?

As gas prices continue to rise, I’m hearing more and more talk about tax writeoffs for hybrid vehicles. So what about a tax writeoff for those who commute by bicycle? What about those people who religiously ride the bus? Personally, I think gas prices still have a long way to go before they stabalize again. While I’m glad to see hybrids getting some attention, I think the country needs to wake up and realize some changes need to happen in our car-centric lifestyle.

Oddly enough, our weekly paper happened to have this cartoon about bikes and gas prices. I’ve gotten to the point where I chuckle to myself as I ride past gas stations on my way to work. I needed to drive to work this past Friday and realized it had been just over two weeks since I last drove the car to work. It’s been well over a month since I last filled it up.

I’ve recently helped two different people at work get their bikes back into working order, so at least some people’s mindsets are beginning to change. I was originally predicting $4/gal prices before people really started changing their ways, perhaps it will actually happen sooner. Prices around us are now approaching $3/gal for regular, pretty much all special and super are over $3/gal at this point.  I almost feel sorry for all those people driving Excursions or other huge vehicles, I can’t imagine how much it costs to fill one of those up these days.  Has anyone else noticed a surplus of SUVs for sale on the side of the road?

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