National Bike Summit

I've been listening to a cycling podcast, called The Fred Cast , for a while now.  Its a convenient way to get some cycling news while traveling up and down the bike trail to and from work.  Recently, David, the host, attended the League of American Bicyclists National Bike Summit and provided his thoughts and a couple recordings of the speeches made at the event. 

The first was a talk given by Mayor Jerry Abramson, from Louisville, KY.  It was great to hear a mayor who has been transformed by cycling and in a position where he can make real changes.  You can read about his Bike Lousiville Project or listen to the talk he gave at the bike summit.  Mayor Abramson was transformed after a visit to Colorado, hopefully, other people will be transformed after they see how far Louisville has come.

The second recorded talk was given by John Burke from Trek.  For those that don't know, Trek has recently become a leader in the bicycle industry, trying to promote advocacy by bicycle companies.  You can see a copy of the sides he used during the talk and listen to his talk.

Neither of these talks are Earth shattering, but they are both extremely encouraging.

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