Pay as You Go Computing, What?

There is a recent article in PC Magazine, discussing Microsoft's Pay as You Go model of computing.  I applaud them for making an effort to reach out to other countries seriously in need of an influx of technology.  However, I get worked up when I read a sentence like this "FlexGo is Microsoft's program to allow users in impoverished countries, such as Brazil, India, and Mexico, to rent or lease a PC in much the same way users lease a cellular phone from a carrier."  First off, as I read this article, they aren't renting or leasing a PC, they are renting or leasing an OS.  The users would still have to purchase or be gifted a PC.  The FlexGo system only deals with limiting the amount of time you can have the computer booted.  Secondly, and more importantly, if we are talking about an "impoverished country", why are they paying for software!  There is a plethora of open-source software that could provide these people with anything they are likely to need.  Sorry Microsoft, you don't get my vote here.  You have plenty of money, give these countries computers and licenses for the OS.

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