Spinning Harder

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We spun for a bit over an hour today, definitely enough to induce some pain, but nothing compared to what people battling cancer are dealing with every single day.  As I headed into this session, I couldn’t get out of my mind how far reaching cancer is.  Almost everyone who I speak to these days has some connection, I’ve heard from so many people as they donate about their stories and their connections.  I have SO many more reasons to complete this ride than I did just two weeks ago.  Just yesterday, I learned a good friend of mine and a pediatrician has a patient who just came out of remission for Leukemia.  Can you imagine?  I have no idea how young this child is, it doesn’t really matter, clearly they have the vast majority of their life still ahead of them.  Yet, here they are, battling with Leukemia… preparing again for a battle so fierce that many of us, if we are so lucky, will never experience how deep (s)he must dig to pull through.

It’s clear to me that this is my time, my chance to do something to help out kids like this and other people facing cancer.

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