Spun Out

Wow… yesterday was a big day for me.  Thanks to all of my amazing friends, family, co-workers and those even more distant, I passed my fundraising goal!  When this was orginally set, I was honestly nervous about raising so much money… I’ve never done anything even remotely close to this level of fundraising.  I’ve been blown away by people’s generousity and support.  Thanks!  Now it’s time to re-evaluate and see what we can do about setting a new goal.

The second big challenge was our spin session.  I pushed it hard this past Sunday and went away truly feeling it.  All I wanted to do when I got home was to grab a nap, but Sunday afternoons is our family swim time so it was off to the pool.  It was not my most vigorous swim ever, but I made it and logged a good 3+ hours of honest physical activity.  I’ve already noticed some improvement on the bike.  Many sessions and miles to go, but it certainly seems like something I can achieve… if I continue to work dilligently.  It’s a powerful motivator when you think about the fact that those fighting cancer are working so much harder… certainly doesn’t make you one to complain.


  1. My legs are still mush. I went for a ride over lunch today and was just doggin, guess I really did push it on Sunday.

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