Back on the Bike

I got back on the bike today, first time in ten days.  I felt okay, just enough pain to remind me to take it nice and slow and just enjoy the scenery.  I’m predicting that another week of recovery and I’ll be in good shape.

I had lunch with a friend today and the topic of crashing came up.  He remembers having read somewhere that on average, a person who rides alot, will have some sort of injury roughly every 11,000 miles.  Looks like I was pretty much on track.  The good news he read in this article was that the injuries rarely involved anyone other than the rider, including cars, etc.  I think I’ll still try and do my best to just avoid sand in the future!


  1. That’s an interesting statistic. I wonder what the comparable statistic is for cars and how the seriousness of the injuries compares.

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