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2009 Distinctive Location

I’m presume this is an honor… according to a recent East Bay RI article, Bristol was named one of the 2009 Dozen Distinctive Destinations in the country… For 10 years, the National Trust for Historic Preservation, based in Washington, D.C., has recognized communities that offer cultural and recreational experiences different from typical vacation destinations. Bristol …

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2007 Cycling Stats

I had a good year for cycling, 5,600 miles.  The majority of my miles this year were racked up during commutes, so it’s likely this distance will plateau until the kids grow up a bit more and we can, hopefully, start taking some more significant family rides.  For the first time in many years, I …

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Snowy Commute

We got our first good snow of the year yesterday.  The local weather forecasters were talking up the event like it was going to be a blizzard.  I’ve heard this same talk plenty of times since we moved to Rhode Island and most times, the storm diminishes and we get a light dusting.  So I …

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Hokey Spokes Review

It’s that time of year again, the weather is turning cold and I’m riding at least one way in the complete darkness. Last year for Christmas, I received a set of HokeySpokes for Christmas. I’ve had a lot of people inquire about them. Now that I’ve run them for a while, I thought I should …

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The Toughest Road of All

The following came across the NBW mailing list recently and I thought it was cute: A piece of road walks into a bar and declares to all its occupants: “I’m the hardest bit of bitumen in the whole of this town!” The piano player stops and the bar goes deadly silent. After a brief pause, …

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Just Trying to Help

I’m riding into work this morning and at one point, I came to a halt at a stop sign. As I watched an approaching utility truck, towing one of those big air compressors on wheels, I noticed it dragging what must have been a fifty foot air hose behind it. I start frantically pointing at …

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A Similarity Between Cyclists and Children

I’m in a position where I’m in the fairly early stages of being a “transportation cyclist” and a father.  It dawned on me the other day, how these two groups are somewhat similar. For cyclists, potholes are a never ending problem.  What is a mere nuisance to an automobile can be a major hassle or …

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Mass Transit, Not Quite There

I’ve had two days over the past few weeks, where I decided to try the bus instead of biking. With the Washington Bridge walkway closed, my bike commute distance is now about 16 miles each way. Assuming I don’t flat or have some other sort of bicycle mishap, I can pretty much guarantee a one …

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Bike Touring

The more time I spend on the bike, the more I’m interested in trying some bike touring. We have a few years before the kids will actually be big enough, but I’ve already begun thinking about it. I came across a quote by Ernest Hemingway today “It is by riding a bicycle that you learn …

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BugMeNot Firefox Plugin

Every once and a while, I stumble across a firefox plugin that is just a great time saver.  I’ve been telling people about the site BugMeNot for quite some time, it’s a convenient way around those sites that require logins for no good reason (i.e. the New York Times website).  I came across yet another …

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